In addition to sourcing the highest quality fresh produce MAFC also integrates value-added ‘farm gate to retail gate’ services every step of the way to ensure reliable and timely delivery of safe and quality products to the customers.

Post harvest management

Our investments in building Collection, Processing and Packaging Centres (CPPC), Collection Centres (CC) and Distribution Centres (DC) at strategic locations nationwide provide us with the competitive edge to efficiently handle even the highest level of midstream management of perishable foods that pass through our supply chain custody.

Our processing activities range form basic grading and sorting of fresh produce to packaging and labelling. This means we are able to customize our output to meet specific quality, grade mix and packaging requirements specified by our customers. These value-add centres operate in compliance with global best practices in food safety standards which include HACCP and GMP protocols. In compliance with the environmental condition under GAP, waste material is recycled and converted to compost and can be used as fertilizers in the farms. The CPPCs are operated by highly qualified and experienced managers who closely monitor all activities for efficiency, food safety and quality.





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