Lowland and highland faming activities using controlled environment farming techniques to produce safe and fresh vegetables and consistent supply under sustainable condition.

Controlled Environment Farms (CEF)

MAFC understands that sustainability can only be achieved through an appropriate balance between commercial and good environmental management. Our greenhouse CEF model gives emphasis on the use of high-technology production techniques and sustainable agriculture practices:

Precision farming
Enhanced internal nutrient cycling on the farm
  Use of organic fertilizer
Soil conservation
High degree of crop diversity
Cover cropping
 Water conservation and recycling
Integrated pest management


MAFC is the first and the only company in Malaysia to invest in commercial CEF greenhouses. The CEF greenhouses can withstand wind speed up to 150 km/hr. The structure can last for at least 20 years with regular maintenance. With the CEF greenhouses, farmers are able to achieve higher yield per square meter compared to the traditional farming methods. The fertigation system that comes with the CEF is also able to save fertilizer consumption between 35-40%.

Through a joint venture with MARDI, MAFC has embarked on building CEF greenhouses for tomatoes and lettuce located at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.



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