MAFC advocates food safety and security for Malaysian consumers. The driving force behind our marketing strategy is simple we want everybody to enjoy peace of mind with safe and fresh produce that have been grown, packed and distributed with food safety in mind.

We only work with farmers who are SALM/GAP compliant.

We propagate Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) through creative Contract Farming models and pricing structures.

We adopt Controlled Environment Farming (CEF) models that promote sustainable agricultural
practices, consistent crop quality and yield and integral environmental protection.

We encourage farmers to keep abreast with and adopt next-generation farming cultures, employ
integrated crop management techniques and work towards global certifications and standards

We invest in value-add centres to perform systematic standards of post-harvest activities according to HACCP and GMP protocols consolidation, sorting, grading and packaging.

 We build state-of-the-art cold logistics and warehousing facilities to ensure product stewardship
and traceability.

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Striving for continual improvement

Striving for continual improvement. We are constantly looking for ways to serve you better. Your feedback is of great value to us as it will help us continually improve what we do. Click here to send your comments. Please e-mail your comments to




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